senatefloorSpringfield- Illinois State Senator Jennifer Bertino-Tarrant (D-Shorewood) is proposing a constitutional amendment that would place term limits on legislative leaders in state government.

“I often hear from people throughout the district that Illinois would be better off if there were limits on how long the Speaker of the House and other legislative leaders could stay in power,” Bertino-Tarrant said. “My proposal would prevent someone from making a career out of being a legislative leader.”

Under Bertino-Tarrant’s plan, legislators could not serve more than 8 years as leader.

“Limits will give more members an opportunity to utilize their experiences and skills as legislative leaders,” Bertino-Tarrant said.

These term limits would apply to the Speaker of the House, the Senate President and the minority party leaders in both chambers.

For Bertino-Tarrant’s constitutional amendment to become law, it must be approved by the Illinois House and Senate. Then it would be placed on the ballot so the voters could make the final decision on term limits for legislative leaders.

JBT Silver Beat PhotoPLAINFIELD- As a part of her ongoing efforts to bring state government to community members, State Senator Jennifer Bertino-Tarrant (D-Shorewood) held a legislative town hall and a workshop geared toward seniors last Thursday.

“These events allowed me to listen to residents’ concerns regarding state issues and provide them with information on how they can keep themselves safe,” Bertino-Tarrant said.

Bertino-Tarrant’s Silver Beat Presentation helped seniors and others in attendance learn how to protect themselves from financial scams and health care fraud.

Silver Beat is an educational training program created by Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan to ensure that seniors have the knowledge and tools they need to better protect themselves from con artists and deceptive business practices.

Bertino-Tarrant also hosted a legislative town hall, where she took questions from attendees on the budget and other state issues.

“I appreciate the conversation at the town hall and want to thank everyone who took time out of their busy schedule to attend,” Bertino-Tarrant said.

Bertino-Tarrant regularly hosts town halls that are open to the community.

The senator’s next town hall is scheduled for December. For more details, you can click here.

Troy Middle School visitThe eighth grade class welcomed State Senator Jennifer Bertino-Tarrant (D-Shorewood) to Troy Middle School recently. The students just finished learning about the Illinois Constitution. Bertino-Tarrant spoke about becoming an elected official, what a day in the life of a senator is like and how a bill becomes a law.

“I enjoyed speaking to the students about Illinois government and answering their questions,” Bertino-Tarrant said. “I was impressed by their interest and knowledge in state government and the legislative process.”

Navigating Springfield from homePLAINFIELD- In an effort to make state government more accessible to community members, State Senator Jennifer Bertino-Tarrant (D-Shorewood) has created a “Navigating Springfield from Home” presentation that can be viewed on her website.

“I want to ensure it’s as easy as possible for the public to learn about Illinois government and the activities of the legislature,” Bertino-Tarrant said.

The PowerPoint presentation, which includes audio, features information on how to utilize the Illinois General Assembly (ILGA) website.

The ILGA site is a valuable resource for anyone wanting to watch or listen to live session, follow committee hearings, track legislation and votes or find their legislator’s contact information.

Bertino-Tarrant’s District Director, Samantha Marcum, has presented the presentation live to four different groups.

To view the presentation, you can click here.

If you have questions about the presentation or would like to inquire about having a workshop on how to use the General Assembly’s website, please contact Samantha in Bertino-Tarrant’s district office at (815) 254-4211.



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