Senator Jennifer Bertino-Tarrant issued a statement today following her vote to override the governor's amendatory veto and finally enact concealed carry in Illinois.

"The bill that we passed in May was the result of many months of hard work and compromise. A number of governor's proposed changes went too far and would have made the bill impossible to pass as amended."

Bertino-Tarrant was adamant about passing reasonable gun safety measures prior to the federal court's deadline, which was today, but also expressed interest in continuing to explore the issue of gun safety in Illinois.

"Making sure we had a solid framework in place by the federal deadline was imperative. However, I will always be interested in continuing the conversation on gun safety and working on ways to improve the measures that we passed."

Although Bertino-Tarrant chose to vote to override a majority of the governor's proposed changes to the concealed carry measure, she did support three modifications to the legislation, which passed the Senate in a separate bill today.

• Duty to Inform —Requires a permit holder to immediately disclose to police that he or she is carrying.
• Mental Health Reporting— Provides that law enforcement and school officials reporting clear and present danger need to report directly to law enforcement.
• No Signage for Per Se Prohibited Places — Locations that are listed as prohibited places (including schools, parks and government buildings) will not be required to post signs indicating that firearms are not allowed on the property.

The House also voted to override the governor's amendatory veto but then failed to pass the three changes approved by the Senate. Therefore, the original concealed carry measure passed by the General Assembly in May is now law.

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